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Our aim is to encourage and promote the hobby of koi keeping in the Devon

and Cornwall areas. Within our ranks we have the services of a BKKS trained Health

Standards Officer who would be happy to provide advice or assistance if any problems

arise with your koi.



We are a happy, sociable club that welcomes koi keepers at every level of the hobby to come along and join in at any of our events. Club meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, and we also arrange a variety of events which are usually held at weekends throughout the summer months.

About Us

The Plymouth Club was formed by a group of like-minded koi keepers in 1991 and several “founder members” remain within the Club today. We are an affiliated Section of the British Koi Keepers’ Society (BKKS), the national body for koi keeping.

Whether you are new to the hobby, or have kept koi for some years, joining a koi club will give you access to a wealth of experience and knowledge. Our members are only too happy to share their koi experiences with new members. Get advice on koi health problems, pond building techniques, filtration, showing koi etc. Visit other member’s ponds and gain ideas for your own next pond. Whatever your needs you will be made welcome by the Plymouth Club.

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